Meet Fabiana Trosman, founder of Not Rational and the reason my handbag addiction just won’t quit. After meeting at a sample sale 15 years ago and falling in love with each other’s wares, we became fast-friends, bonding over our passion for fine craftsmanship and our mutual desire to make what we love. When I decided to launch this campaign during National Women's History month, to highlight female entrepreneurs that I admire, I could think of no one better than Fabiana - an all-around badass and a real woman with authentic style - to be our first FINDING. She has impeccable taste, a zest for life that is enviable and she’s a constant source of inspiration when designing my line. I love her effortless style, mixing high end labels with tried and true basics. Since starting our businesses from scratch, we’ve seen times and tastes change and the fashion market dip and soar but she has always stayed true to her aesthetic and pushed forward reinventing her well-loved line. We are both constantly striving for growth, embracing change, continuing to push our own creative boundaries and stoke the fires of our creative passion. | photos by annie mcelwain |

While in studio, Fabi fell hard for our gold medium disc studs, double ear cuff, and our prong set diamond ear cuff and ear guard creating some pretty epic #eargame.

During her styling sesh, Fabi surprised me with a personalized bag and needless to say I am obsessed! Her signature styles (and my personal faves) include an insanely cool diaper bag that doubles as my go-to carry-all and super-chic colorful leather bags that she personally paints by hand.

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