I fell in love with jewelry at a very young age while admiring my grandmother's vast collection. I started by piecing together my first "styles" with buttons and twine and eventually, armed with a metalsmithing degree and years of apprenticeship work, I started my own line of jewelry in my twenties. From the very beginning, the vision was simple - design and make by hand - jewelry that I love to wear. It was important that I never send the work overseas or to let the delicate work of creation become contrived and manufactured.



Over time, I enlisted the help of fellow artisans to work in-house so I could oversee everything from A to Z (and still get my hands dirty from time to time). Even though my name is on the door, the success of my company depends on the 20+ individuals who give 100% of their efforts everyday. All of whom are paid competitive salaries and receive health insurance, paid vacation and family leave. I take pride in the vibrant, working studio I've nurtured here in downtown Los Angeles, employing a team of the best and brightest my city has to offer.


I aim to ensure fair and safe practices exist in all aspects of my work. This means that our diamonds are conflict-free and compliant with the Kimberley Process, and all of our gemstones are ethically sourced from our reputable partners. We use recycled 14kt gold and we aim to be environmentally-focused within our studio on a daily basis.



My focus is, and always will be, on women who are seeking handmade, fine jewelry to wear for a lifetime. I design each and every piece with a woman or muse in mind. I then work with my lead jewelers to bring my sketches to life. We hand select all the materials, create a prototype and I get to take each for a spin to make sure everything from dimension to movement is exactly how I envisioned it. I intend for all of my pieces to be lived in, loved and hopefully passed down for generations to come.