Jewelry Care



Tips for daily wear of your ZC jewelry:

• Gold is a soft metal: gold has a shine and luster, but it is also a soft metal, meaning it is susceptible to scratches and dings. When wearing gold rings and bracelets be mindful and remove them while using harsh chemical, exercising or doing vigorous physical activities.  Some people may experience an allergic reaction to wearing metals that contain nickel.  Please note, 14k yellow and rose gold do not contain nickel.  White gold is alloyed with nickel, it's what makes it white in color.
• Chlorine & Water exposure: Chlorine is very damaging to gold jewelry, and with repeated exposure can lead to your jewelry breaking. Be sure to remove your jewelry before getting in a pool or spa. Wearing jewelry while you shower/bathe can lead to buildup of soap which leaves a film on your stones and gold.
• Put jewelry on last: Make-up, perfume hair products and lotions can damage your gold. It is best to put these on before your jewelry to limit exposure.
• Store correctly: Store your pieces in a clean, dry fabric lined jewelry box, or the box/pouch your item arrives in. Store items separately or in a designated area to keep them from scratching or tangling.

    Each piece of Zoë Chicco jewelry is hand-crafted and therefore delicate.  Please handle each piece with extra care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. We suggest removing jewelry while swimming, bathing, exercising and working with chemicals or harsh abrasives. When not wearing your jewelry it should be kept in a safe and secure place. Avoid storing jewelry in the bathroom because extra moisture will cause sterling silver to tarnish more quickly.

    Our collections consist of 14k gold and can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. We highly recommend our foaming jewelry cleaner because it's gentle and safe to use on delicate gemstones. 

    With the few sterling silver pieces we offer, the metal will darken or tarnish with normal wear. We recommend gently wiping the metal surface with a polishing cloth to restore its shine. Most of the stones we use are natural gemstones; therefore, they may vary in shape, size and color. Inclusions can be seen in natural stones and are a part of their beauty. Most gemstones do not stand the force of cleaning agents, polishing cloth or ultrasonic cleaners.


    Care for White Diamonds

    Diamonds can be cleaned safely with lint-free cloths, soap and water, jewelry cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaners.  Harsher cleaning methods are not recommended for home use.

    Care for Black Diamonds (with Black Rhodium Plating)

    Black diamonds are natural diamonds that have been treated to give them their black color.  Due to this treatment, they are sensitive to heat, chlorine and other household chemicals. Do not subject them to high temperatures and do not clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. 

    You will notice that many of our pavé set black diamond pieces have been black rhodium plated behind the diamonds. Plating is a process that coats a fine layer of black rhodium over gold or sterling to give the entire piece (or a specific area) a uniform, blackened appearance. Rhodium plating is not permanent and may wear off in time.  The wear time depends on how much the jewelry is used. For example, a pendant may retain its original plating for many years but a wedding ring, which is exposed to daily wear, may require re-plating after a year or so. 

    To care for your rhodium plated jewelry, we recommend using a jewelry cloth only on the areas that do not have black rhodium plating; otherwise the black finish will come off.  Do not use liquid jewelry dips or cleaners; the chemicals used can cause the plating to wear off more quickly.

    Care for Pearls

    Pearls are organic gemstones that can be rather fragile. It is best to follow the old adage “pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off”.  They are highly sensitive to chemicals and moisture so we suggest avoiding contact with lotions, perfume, cosmetics and hair products. Be sure to wipe pearls with a soft cloth after every use. Removing any chemicals, dirt or perspiration will help reserve their luster. Store your pearls separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches on the surface and do not store pearls in a plastic bag as some plastics emit a chemical over time that may cause deterioration.

    Care for Gemstones (opal, turquoise, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc.)

    Keep gemstones away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfumes, and household cleaners. Clean your gemstones using warm, sudsy water and dry them immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleansers, steam or ultrasonic cleaners.

    Care for Herringbone

    The delicate nature of Herringbone Chain requires special care to ensure it stays beautiful for many years to come!

    • Do not wear your chain to sleep, shower or exercise. This chain can easily kink, and these types of activities will add undue stress to the chain which can lead to bent links.
    • Do not hang additional charms or pendants from the chain. This can add too much weight to the center of the chain and cause misshapen links.
    • Store your chain in a large flat jewelry box, and keep it flat in its natural shape. (Each one of our herringbone pieces comes in one of these special collar boxes.)