14k Pearl Front Facing Threader Hoops


MADE TO ORDER. Ships within 1 week

14k gold wire threader front-facing hoop earrings with a single prong set pearl at the top.  Hoop sits behind the ear.

• hoop is approx. 16.5mm in diameter
• pearls are approx. 3mm each

Pearls are organic gemstones that can be rather fragile. It is best to follow the old adage “pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off”. They are highly sensitive to chemicals and moisture, so we suggest avoiding any contact with lotions, perfume, cosmetics and hair products. Be sure to wipe pearls with a soft cloth after every use. Removing any chemicals, dirt or perspiration will help preserve their luster. Store your pearls separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches on the surface, and do not store pearls in a plastic bag as some plastics emit a chemical over time that may cause deterioration.