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14k Single White Pearl Charm | June BirthstoneZoë Chicco 14k Gold Freshwater Pearl Charm Pendant | June Birthstone
14k Single Opal Charm | October Birthstone14k Single Opal Charm | October Birthstone
14k Single Turquoise Charm | December BirthstoneZoë Chicco 14kt Gold Turquoise Charm Pendant | December Birthstone
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Zoe Chicco cable chain necklace with MRS charm, MAMA charm, diamond charm, and a pave diamond star charmZoe Chicco 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Charm Pendant
14k Single Peridot Charm | August Birthstone14k Single Peridot Charm | August Birthstone
14k Single Aquamarine Charm | March Birthstone14k Single Aquamarine Charm | March Birthstone
woman holding up a chain with Zoë Chicco 14kt Gold Blue Sapphire Charm Pendant and three other charms on itZoë Chicco 14k Gold Blue Sapphire Charm Pendant | September Birthstone
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14k Single Ruby Charm | July Birthstone14k Single Ruby Charm | July Birthstone
14k Single Garnet Charm | January Birthstone14k Single Garnet Charm | January Birthstone
14k Single Emerald Charm Pendant | May BirthstoneZoe Chicco 14k Yellow Gold Emerald Charm Pendant
14k Single White Diamond Charm | April BirthstoneZoë Chicco 14kt Gold Diamond Bezel Charm Pendant | April Birthstone
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14k Single Amethyst Charm | February Birthstone14k Single Amethyst Charm | February Birthstone
14k Single Citrine Charm | November BirthstoneZoë Chicco 14k Gold Citrine Charm Pendant | November Birthstone

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