With Mother’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to introduce our next 20x20 collaborator, Ariane Goldman, Founder and CEO of HATCH, a modern clothing line geared towards mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. The idea was born (or shall we say hatched 😉) from a personal desire to find maternity clothes that felt elevated and easy to wear - pieces that accentuated her changing body rather than hiding it. At HATCH, you’ll find beautiful pieces that take women from the first to the fourth trimester, to nursing and beyond. As a wife, mother of two, and founder of Two Birds New York, Ariane is as forward-thinking and hard-working as they come. She has transformed Hatch into a destination for all things motherhood, opening retail spaces in NY and LA, launching clean skincare HATCH Mama Beauty, and Babe by HATCH, a content-based platform centered around community and conversation. Like all her endeavors, she went into our collaboration with longevity in mind. She wanted to create something beautiful and timeless to celebrate mamas and all their facets. For every piece sold 100% of the proceeds will go to Every Mother Counts, an organization Ariane has worked with since the beginning. Their mission: making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Motherhood, in all its forms, is a gift and we hope this bracelet and each individual charm honors this remarkable journey!


What was the idea or inspiration behind this piece?

This piece is a constant reminder everyday of the love and beauty of motherhood. It's something that makes you smile, but also makes you feel pretty.


What was your favorite part of the jewelry design process with Zoë?

Just the notion of having an idea and being able to create it. Zoë has been so open for this piece to be my vision and what I foresee it becoming. She's been my guiding light in terms of helping me figure out how to get there, which has been both liberating and creatively inspiring.


How does designing jewelry differ from your creative process?

Jewelry is something that stays on you for days or weeks at a time. It's something you rarely, if ever take off. Clothing to me is something you want to "live in," but I think women also dress based on their mood, which fluctuates daily. At HATCH, we design for different moments in life - different days and weeks or different events and occasions. Here with Zoë, it's more about creating something you'd want to keep on forever and never take off. There's more longevity in terms of designing something everyday and having it feel like second skin!


Why is this charity that you chose close to your heart?

Every Mother Counts is an organization we have worked with since the beginning and their mission is one I whole-heartedly stand behind: making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.


What's your favorite way to style the piece?

I want to style this with a bunch of other bracelets that mean something to me.

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