Our next 20x20 collaborator is Catt Sadler. This mama, activist, entrepreneur, and three-time Emmy Award winning journalist is best known for her on-screen work at E! Entertainment, her countless celebrity interviews, and her commentary for TV’s most star-studded events. After more than a decade, Catt left her noteworthy career at E! due to the gender wage gap and has since become a powerful voice championing women’s empowerment and equality. She owns and operates her own production company, Love Bug Entertainment, Inc and currently produces and hosts the popular podcast, Naked with Catt Sadler. Her guest roster includes a diverse field of industry leaders, from writers and actors to entrepreneurs and artists. When she’s not podcasting, starring in a fashion campaign or moderating a beauty or wellness summit, you can find her creating lifestyle content for her site, thecattwalk.com, and working on several new projects for TV that she will both host and produce. When we decided to collaborate, Catt knew immediately that she wanted to create a wear-everyday piece that symbolized being present and focused on today. 2020 has forced us all to live day by day, to re-examine the impact we have on each other and has been a season of learning – and unlearning - for many. We hope this tangible reminder to “be here now” will resonate with you, knowing that 100% of proceeds of the sales will benefit The Loveland Foundation, an organization dedicated to showing up for communities of color.  


What was the idea or inspiration behind this piece?

Be. Here. Now. I had this design inked onto my wrist as a tattoo many years ago. The symbolism about being in the moment, being present, being in-between the past and the future always resonated with me. As the years wore on, the visual sharpness of the design as a tattoo didn’t agree with me as much, so I’ve been slowly getting it removed. Cementing this notion of living in the now onto a piece of jewelry instead was a no brainer! With Zoe’s help the meaning is now etched into gold and highlighted by a beautiful diamond for both me - and everyone else - to enjoy!


What was your favorite part of the jewelry design process with Zoe?

The symbolism was the easy part, but Zoe’s instinct and expertise was evident from the start. She executed my vision perfectly on the very first attempt!


How does designing jewelry differ from your creative process?

When I do interviews, either for my podcast or tv, the conversation ends. I hope the meaning endures, but once it hits the airwaves it's kind of out of my hands. With jewelry, there’s an infinite quality to it. People purchase jewelry and hold onto it for a lifetime. They even pass it on to those they love. I really appreciate the beauty of how personal and lasting jewelry is.


Why is this charity that you chose close to your heart?

Like so many people, this year’s magnification of social injustices ignited a real season of learning - and unlearning - for me. The Loveland Foundation is dedicated to showing up for communities of color in powerful ways; especially for Black women and girls. It’s important for me to do my part.


What's your favorite way to style the piece?

I don’t wear a lot of rings typically. Necklaces are more my thing because I never have to take them off. I just kind of live in them. That’s why I like the simplicity of this pinky ring. I like it alone as kind of a hero piece, even though it’s so delicate.


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