Our next 20x20 collaborator, Jenn Streicher, is one of the industry’s most sought-after makeup artists. With 20+ years of experience under her belt (or should we say brush), Jenn’s signature ability to accentuate a woman’s naturally beautiful features has brought her longtime clients such as Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore, and Anne Hathaway, to name a few. She and her two equally talented sisters cofounded LA based beauty & creative studio, STRIIIKE, and all three sisters are renowned in their fields of expertise - Kristie has a cult following for creating her signature Feathered Brow and Ashley is a hair styling and product guru. In the midst of the pandemic, Jenn and her family decided to change things up in a big way! She moved across the country to the town of Bedford, NY, where she renovated a jewel-box boutique space that is now home to SCOUT, a destination for thoughtfully curated clean beauty brands, each hand-selected and vetted by Jenn herself. Inspired by her recent leaps of faith, Jenn wanted to spotlight the mantra she heard over and over when asking for advice, a phrase that spurred momentum even when her path was unclear: GO FOR IT. All proceeds from the sales of our limited-edition collaboration will benefit The Loveland Foundation, an organization that makes it possible for black women and girls to receive therapy support. According to Jenn, “Therapy has helped me in many, many ways and something I always lean on when feeling lost or untethered.” We hope this positive piece becomes a symbol for your individual journey and inspires you to keep moving in the right direction.


What was the idea or inspiration behind this piece?

Well, I just opened a new business, in a new town, during a pandemic. I had a vision of what I wanted and had not planned out the real details of how to do it. Whenever I spoke with my close "advisors" everyone kept say to just go for it and you will figure it all out as you go. So, in my mind, I just kept telling myself "Go for it". It was my motto to get me to move forward.


What was your favorite part of the jewelry design process with Zoë?

The whole process was much easier than I had imagined. Zoe is so collaborative and willing to try anything. It was fun seeing your ideas come to life.


How does designing jewelry differ from your creative process?

I like so much jewelry, so the hardest part for me was narrowing it down. And I am such a visual person, so the renderings were very helpful.


Why is this charity that you chose close to your heart?

The Loveland Foundation was established in 2018 by an amazing woman named Rachel Cargle, and makes it possible for black women and girls to receive therapy support. I think its really important for everyone to have access to therapy. Therapy has helped me in many many ways and something I always lean on when feeling lost or untethered.


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