Our next 20x20 collaborator is Rachel Pally. Native Angeleno, mama of two and Founder of her eponymous clothing brand, Rachel has been ahead of the curve since the beginning. Her line of easy-to-wear styles, designed with a focus on fit and comfortability, is made for women of all shapes and sizes for every phase of life. Before “ethical and sustainable” were trending, Rachel was producing her collection entirely in Los Angeles by a team she considers family, supporting the local economy and giving back to the city she (and her family) calls home. Like me, Rachel designs for herself, creating what she wants to wear all day, every day. I hope you will fall in love with our collaboration, especially knowing that the proceeds of sales will go to Black Mamas Matter Alliance. Becoming a mother opened her eyes to the racial disparity that exists in maternal care. “Knowing that not all mothers have access to the same thoughtful care and resources is beyond heartbreaking”. Let’s do our part to help change that reality.

What was the idea or inspiration behind this piece?
I love simple and subtle jewelry, so these earrings are a perfect half step up from a pair of studs. I've been extra casual with my style since COVID so its nice to take it up a notch! I love that they are dangly and feminine, but still so simple.

What was your favorite part of the jewelry design process with Zoe?
Everything, but particularly picking which gems we wanted to use! What a treat to see the ideas come to life! And to be able to chat with another creative mama during this crazy time!

How does designing jewelry differ from designing clothing?
I'm so used to my own medium, I was so excited to try something new with Zoe. Some parts of the process are similar - starting with an idea, thinking about fit and comfort and proportion and use. But I have to say, thinking about diamonds and opals is more exciting than thinking about linen and gauze! But they can all be worn everyday and everywhere!

Why is this charity that you chose close to your heart?
Becoming a mother cracked my heart wide open. Knowing that not all mothers have access to the same thoughtful care and resources that I did is beyond heartbreaking to me. The discrepancy between Black and white maternal health care is insane, horrifying, and must be fixed. Did you know that Black mothers in the US are 3-4 times more likely to die in childbirth than white mothers? Black Mamas Matters is working to help close that gap.

What's your favorite way to style the earrings?
With a sundress and a ponytail! Or a t-shirt and jeans (although I haven't even tried on any hard pants in 6 months!). I love to mix up my earrings, so I also like the idea of wearing them on an upper piercing and letting them dangle.



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