Happy 2020 everyone - a new year, a new decade, a fresh start! This year also marks a huge milestone for me - 20 years in business!!! Just a few of the things I’m looking forward to this year are: a limited-edition collection to mark the occasion, exciting new collabs with dynamic boss ladies, and amazing new retailers that will carry ZC going forward…and so much more. Personally, I am moving into a new home next week – eek - and working daily to live with intention, create with heart and to lay a solid, sustainable foundation for the next decade+. With the idea of new beginnings in mind, we tapped LA Fashion Stylist, Blogger and mom of two, Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled. Catherine’s aim is to help women find and accentuate their authentic selves through fashion. Her unique approach is not just skin-deep – she uses feng shui (and basically fashion “therapy”) to get to the heart of each one of her clients’ needs and wants. While in studio, we chatted about dressing beyond trends, how to stay true to yourself in today’s content-cluttered world, and when to let go of certain items you’re waiting to fit back into (spoiler: the answer is probably now!) As somewhat of a clotheshorse myself, I know how good it feels when I step outside wearing something that I truly love – my entire persona changes and I’m ready to take on the world. That’s Catherine’s mission in a nutshell. I can’t wait to see how she transforms lives via the art of styling in 2020 and beyond!

I love Catherine’s fearless style and her willingness to layer on the chunky jewels. She paired our emerald cut eternity band, with a chevron princess diamond wide band ring. On her wrist, she donned a pave diamond toggle clasp, with a medium curb chain bracelet and wide graduated diamond cuff.

I wanted to give Catherine a sneak preview of some of my new favorite earrings—a larger version of our well-loved chubby huggie but with even more J-Lo energy. They are the perfect layering piece for even more diamonds! She added prong diamond barbel and stacked up 3 diamond ear cuffs — a pave diamond chubby cuff, a bezel diamond cuff, and a pave diamond cuff -- to create an impactful look. On her other ear, she kept the theme going, with a small marquis diamond stud, and a plain chubby cuff.

So many of my followers ask—and I can’t emphasize this enough—the key to a heavily layered neck is a mix and match of chain styles. Catherine proves this with her effortlessly layered #neckmess, starting with a chunky herringbone and oval link chain, then combining those with an initial disc pendant, and a locket lariat, where she can tuck away something meaningful. The different lengths and textures keep the necklaces from tangling as she moves throughout the day.

Catherine is a joy to work with and I can see why her relate-able approach to personal styling has garnered her a loyal following. I am eager to head into this new decade living my own "life styled" with help from the master herself!

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