Summer is all about long days spent with family and friends, on a beach (or poolside with a cocktail in hand), wearing a flowy dress or an easy-breezy jumpsuit post dip/pre date night! This season I’ve managed all of the above thanks in part to this month’s Finding, LA Designer Rachel Pally. This native Angeleno has been creating ethical, locally made clothing right here in her hometown since 2002 (her fabric is milled down the street from where the garments are cut and sewn – sustainability at its finest). Specializing in gauze and linen silhouettes, offering sizes 2 - 22 and a maternity line, she truly delivers on her unofficial motto of “there’s something for everyone from Rachel Pally”. During her styling sesh, Rachel curated a mis-matched pearl story that stopped us in our tracks while I tried on some of the newest Rachel Pally silhouettes. Spolier alert: now my summer wardrobe is almost entirely made up of Rachel Pally goodness! Rachel is my kind of girl – she’s humble, genuine, incredibly talented and she’s a no-frills, natural beauty. I am crushing hard and know you will be too! | photos by annie mcelwain |

Rachel is a self-proclaimed ‘ring person’, but generally chooses to forego a manicure in favor of her natural nails (If my nails looked like that I would too!). On one hand, Rachel decided to stack up our star set diamond band with a few plain gold bands. On her middle finger, she donned our floating diamond chain ring, and as a pointer ring, she styled one of our newest pieces, a mixed diamond triple band ring. On one wrist, she went back to the classics with a stack of 3 hammered bangles that can be lived in. On the other wrist, she combined our floating diamond medium curb chain bracelet with a pear shaped diamond bolo bracelet and a bezel diamond cuff.

For necklaces, she gravitated towards dainty and delicate with our fave itty bitty pave diamond moon necklace and a beaded starburst diamond pendant. I suggested she complete the look with a brand new star-set diamond curb chain locket and she was on board! All three complimented her “Lu” dress and everyone in the office has already added the entire ensemble to their must-haves list.

When it came to earrings, Rachel used her “creatively spaced” piercings (she pierced them all herself as an angsty teenager) to layer up pearls and diamonds. First she donned our new pearl & diamond chain stud earring with a mixed diamond stud and an extra small pave diamond hoop (hint hint—these small diamonds are perfect for your second or third piercings). On the other ear, she kept it simple by looping our pearl long chain threader through 3 of her piercings. She finished off the look with another upcoming style—our pave diamond thick wire ear cuff. Knowing that Rachel has been at the forefront of fashion for over a decade, it was no surprise that she was genius at mixing ZC classics with a few of our most-anticipated new releases. She has a knack for blending elegance with ease and is truly a #ZCmuse.

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