After a rainy (and hectic) February, I am reveling in sunny skies and lush hillsides here in the City of Angels. As spring arrives, I try to use those few extra minutes of daylight to slow down, be present and acknowledge the abundance of my surroundings. For this month’s Findings feature, I spent some QT with mama and OG blogger Geri Hirsch of @BecauseImAddicted, where she not only dished tips for achieving her signature look but gave me a new perspective what truly matters in life. After her husband’s near death experience and the birth of her daughter, Geri has truly grabbed life by the horns and never looked back. Her willingness to be playful and experiment was refreshing to say the least and I think it shows in her distinct choices. When you're with Geri, her strong belief in the power of second-chances and the deep bond she shares with her family is palpable. She is one hard-working mama who does what it takes to make her dreams come true, which is something I can’t help but feel inspired by and I hope you do too…YOLO! | photos by annie mcelwain |

Geri was drawn to a bespoke charm necklace and thought it would be fun to create a completely customized necklace with charms symbolizing the loves of her life. She started with a gold pave diamond letter L disc in honor of her little one, Leo. From there, she added a diamond hamsa charm for protection, a pave diamond lightning bolt charm for strength, a ruby charm for her birthstone, and an itty bitty mama charm to celebrate her greatest achievement. She went for a longer chain, so these charms could dangle close to her heart and gushed “I love that it’s tailor made.”

Geri is not one to shy away from bold pieces. She gladly added on a statement making curb chain piece, punctuated with a floating diamond in the chain. She says it reminds her of her of her grandma ("who had the best jewelry”) and the classic pieces she would adorn herself with. This philosophy also drew her to a standout emerald cut bolo bracelet and a diamond linked tennis bolo bracelet, two great great options to fit her smaller wrist.

For earrings, Geri gladly mixed and matched styles for an eclectic look, donning a thick wire ear cuff on one ear and a bezel diamond cuff on the other. From there she added our gorgeous new diamond knife edge hoop, and the diamond dangle double huggies, creating the illusion of having multiple piercings. She paired down the rings to allow her stunning engagement ring to shine and just wanted to wear a marquis diamond pinky ring that would help show it off. I adore Geri's joie de vivre and the way she goes after what she wants. She is already a force of nature in the lifestyle and wellness world and with her new venture, a coffee shop called Neighborhood opening soon, Geri will surely be making an impact on the community that she calls home. Bravo my friend!

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