‘Tis the season of giving so for this month’s finding, I partnered with the founders of the Kind Campaign, Molly Thompson and Lauren Paul, to curate a capsule collection that lets you shop for a great cause. Kind campaign is a non-profit that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies and educational curriculums. I worked with Molly and Lauren to collaborate on a few exclusive styles that were inspired by their mission of spreading kindness, empathy, unity and love. Together we are happy to introduce the BE KIND stud set, the KIND necklace and the itty bitty female sign that we hope will empower young women and serve as a reminder that women are stronger together! For the month of December, I will donate all proceeds of the sales of the Kind capsule collection to the Kind Campaign in the hopes that it will help spread their important message to girls and young women everywhere.

Along with our collaboration, Lauren and Molly came to the studio to show me how they’d style ZC jewels. From minute one I could tell these girls were the best of friends – in life and work – and that they each believe 1000% in their mission. Each skillfully assisted the other in completing their respective looks and they were both open and honest talking about their roles as mothers and business partners. We talked about the challenges of long days and weeks spent on the road (with tiny kids and grandmoms in tow) but also the rewards this campaign brings – to them it is truly a privilege to serve. This holiday season, join me, Lauren, & Molly to Find Kind, Be Kind, & Give Kind. | photos by annie mcelwain |

At our shoot, Lauren jumped right in and started to layer like a boss. She gravitated towards our wire collars and chose two of our fave styles -the bezel diamond open wire choker and the graduated V bezel diamond collar – girl knows her stuff! She showed up wearing a killer ring stack so we knew she was a fan of this look. She spotted our best-selling simple gold bands and threw in a few itty bitty stackers, like itty bitty BFF ring and itty bitty MAMA ring to add a little texture and fun to her multi-band menagerie. For earrings, she chose the new BE KIND split stud set and a nine diamond ear shield for the other ear. I love a girl who is not afraid to mix it up and pile it on!

Molly was a bit more pensive when it came to picking out the styles she loved. She knew she wanted to layer lots of necklaces and immediately put on our itty bitty MAMA necklace necklace so we built her story from there. We popped on the 11 dangling diamond choker necklace for the top layer and then to add length and a bit of drama we used the long single floating diamond necklace and long disc station necklace . She was smitten with this dynamic combo and so were we! She also wanted to rock the new BE KIND split stud set solo and we love how they are small in size but big on meaning! She chose a mix of statement bands and sleek stackers in the ring department to finish her look!

Both of these women are not only stylish but also steadfast leaders that inspire me to make small (but mighty) changes in my daily life that will have a meaningful impact. Their message of love, inclusion and kindness resonates with me and I hope it will with you as well!

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